‘No Pictures!’ Shouts North West, Rejecting All Kim Kardashian’s Values

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North West really changed my whole opinion of the Kardashians. I used to hate them. Then I was kind of interested in them ironically. Then North West came around and my love is not ironic anymore. That tiny baby with her sweet, pinchable cheeks and giant eyes was so cute that I not only said, “Aww, now I want a baby!” But I actually followed through, got pregnant, and had one. (My daughter was born just about exactly 9 months after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed the first photo of little North being adorable.)

But North West is not a baby anymore. She’s a great big toddler, and she’s already rebelling against all of the Kardashian family values by shouting, “No pictures!” at her mother. Normally I’d guess that she was copying a parent, but I don’t think North West is related to a single person who has ever said the phrase “No pictures.”

Kim Kardashian posted the video to Instagram of North wrapped up in a fur coat like a tiny little Norma Desmond (the aging silent film star from Sunset Boulevard).

“NO!” she shouts, in the voice of every recalcitrant toddler ever. “No pictures!”

A bewildered and soft-voiced Kim Kardashian starts to ask why North is objecting, but then North’s giant pillow throne starts to come apart.

“Oh! Oh my bed!” she cries. It’s so cute that her supermodel aunt Kendall Jenner can’t deal.

“That was amazing!” she says.

Aggh, my ovaries. Stop it, North. I don’t want another baby right now. I can’t believe how big North has gotten so quickly, and I still can’t deal with her cuteness. She might not be a baby anymore, but I still want to