Kim Kardashian Will Give Birth In A Birthing Suite In America Like A Peasant

Kim Kardashian Will Give Birth In Expensive Birthing Suite When Kim Kardashin has her baby it won’t be in a chic Parisian hospital, as previously speculated, but in a birthing suite in Los Angeles like she is some sort of common peasant. We are all very disappointed by this news, and by “we” I mean Koa Beck is, because she loved the idea of Kim and Kanye and their leeeetle kumquat strolling down the Champs-Élysees and attention-whoring avoiding paparazzi. But no, Kim is said to be planning on giving birth right here is good ‘ol AMERICUH like she is some sort of commoner. From The Christian Post:

The reality TV star, 32, is just weeks away from her due date and a new report claims she is preparing to drop a hefty amount of money for a deluxe birthing suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The maternity suite reportedly features a full-size bath tub, a separate sitting room, along with flat-screen TVs and Kardashian is expected to stay for at least three days.

I think when they say that she is planning to drop a hefty amount of money, they mean that her reality show is because I am sure this miraculous event will be publicized.

Kardashian and West, who announced the pregnancy news in December, are expected to take extreme measures to protect their privacy at the hospital when the reality star goes in to labor. In January 2012, Beyonce, who is a good friend of West’s, spent in excess of $1.3 million for tight security at Lenox Hill hospital when she gave birth to her and Jay-Z’s first child. Kardashian will reportedly follow suit. “They definitely want their s— to be on lock and don’t want nosy a– people all up in they stuff,” a source close to the couple previously told “

HA! Where the hell do they find these sources? Why are all celebrity sources who are “close to the couple” the most inarticulate and teen-agery sounding people ever? Well, I would hope that spending 4K a day on some fancy schmancy birthing suite will bring with it the added security that will allow this couple not to have nosy ass people all up in they stuff. And stuff.

(image: twitter)

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