Kim Kardashian Mommyshamed On Twitter – Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us!

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Kim Kardashian mommyshamed


Even Kimmy Kakes can’t seem to catch a break from the mommyshame patrol. Everyone’s favorite divorcée, Kim Kardashian, has taken some heat lately for being seen out and about sans baby North West. Because even if you’re rich and famous, you still better be attached at the hip with your spawn, or risk getting the BAD MOM label.

Not one to sit and take this type of BS, Kim lashed out at critics on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian mommyshamed

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The tweet she was replying to has since been taken down and the user’s account made private, probably because the Kardashians attract some rabid fans, but apparently it was something to the effect of “you’re never with your baby, so you must be a bad mom.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had similar shit said about me.

I keep my life with my kids fairly private on social media. The vast majority of the pictures of my kids are private and only seen by friends and family, and I don’t make a habit of detailing each and every activity we do, so I’ve had plenty of sanctimommy so-called friends talk smack about how I must be a terrible mom. All because I don’t shove my kids down the throats of my Facebook friends list. I’m just a regular person, I’m sure celebrities hear this crap every day.

Not only that, but parents ARE allowed to have a life. We don’t always have to be up our kid’s ass to be good parents. I hate the type of sanctimommies and daddies who get all self-righteous when another parent goes out on a Friday night, or god forbid has a few drinks. Even worse are the assholes who snark on women who work outside the home. GRRR.

It’s sad and also kind of comforting that no matter how rich and successful you are, there will be people for whom you can do nothing right.