People Need To Stop Saying These Stupid Things To Moms

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I feel like lately, the whole world has lost their damn minds and decided that it’s ok to school perfect strangers on all things motherhood. I’ve read so much that appalls me  in the comments on here recently and have heard some crazy shit “in real life” as well. It would seem everyone is an expert and we moms get a lot of unsolicited comments and “advice”. I have no idea what is causing this epidemic of verbal diarrhea but I really am over it. Maybe I was raised to be more polite than most but I simply cannot fathom being as presumptive, prying and downright rude as so many of our fellow humans seem to feel the need to be. When it comes down to it, it’s probably a potent mixture of insecurity and ignorance that causes people to spew forth with their nonsense, but regardless of the reasons, it’s extremely irritating to have your parenting questioned, your decisions insulted or your privacy invaded. Below are the worst examples I’ve heard of rude things no one should say to moms. Please feel free to add your own in the comments- what is the rudest parenting-related thing someone has said to you?


1. Are you pregnant?/How far along are you?

This one might seem innocent….but what if the person is not at all pregnant? I know women this has happened to and it’s pretty much the worst to be thought pregnant when you are not.


2. Are you going to have more kids?/Why aren’t you having more kids?

Yes, stranger. Please let’s discuss the planning of my family. Because it all hinges on what you think. I mean, really. WTF.


3. Are you nursing?/Why aren’t you nursing?/Why did you stop nursing?

Can we come up with a single other instance where it’s socially acceptable to ask another adult human about their bodily fluids? No? Thats what I thought. So much WTF up in here!


4. Why are you staying at home?/Why are you going back to work?

This is basically asking about someone’s finances- really?! If a person had not shot a baby out of their body would it even occur to anyone to ask questions about their finances?!


5. Did you have a c-section?/Did you have a natural birth?

Hey, random lady at Target! Want to discuss your recent colonoscopy? No? Didn’t think so. STFU, kindly.


6. Oh, don’t you want a boy/girl?/Will you try again for a boy/girl?

Yes, lets ask this potentially upsetting and incredibly prying question to someone we barely know!


7. Have you lost all the baby weight?

Have you lost all of your winter full of Crockpot chili and beer weight? SHUT UP!


8. Oh, you let him cry-it-out?/Watch TV?/Eat processed foods?/Play with your iPhone?

OMG, the rage is just at the surface as I type this.


9. Was the pregnancy planned?

What, is this baby less awesome if it’s not? Or are you just looking for a way to shame me and feel superior?


10. Are you getting your tubes tied?/Is your husband having a vasectomy?

I’m done.

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