Mom Who Punched Woman Who Told Her To Quiet Her Tantrumming Child Is My Personal Hero

woman-punchedA young woman was punched in the face by a mother after telling her to quiet her screaming toddler who was having a tantrum in a shopping cart. Is it bad that I nearly cried laughing when I read the headline, “Woman punched after asking mother to quiet down child?”

I suppose I should mention that I don’t condone physical violence. I’ve never hit another human or been hit in my life. That said, you can’t blame me for fantasizing about punching someone in the face every now and again. You know those scenes in movies where the actor appears totally calm, but we quickly cut to what she is thinking and it’s violent and horrifying? That. That is life sometimes. But we’ll get back to that.

20-year-old Bree Hajek-Richardson saw a young boy having a temper tantrum in a shopping cart. She says, “It wasn’t bothering me – the fit. It was just the volume. It was a little bit loud. Hurting my ears. So I asked [the mom] very nicely to calm her child down a little bit – you know, the volume. I was like, ‘could you please tell your child to quiet down a little bit.'”

This is where I need to insert some commentary. What the hell did she expect the mom to say? Oh! Great idea! I’ll tell him to calm down. I’m sure that will work. If only I’d thought of telling my screaming child to be quiet! Thank you, oh wise one. You have solved all my my parenting problems. Tell him to quiet down. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that? Seriously, what is with people thinking parents are totally cool with their kids screaming? I’m sure this mom just wanted to pay for her stuff and get the heck out of there.

Back to the story: mom responds with, “Don’t tell my child what to do.” Bree says, “I didn’t tell your child what to do, I just told you to quiet him down a little bit.” Apparently the situation escalates, and Bree tells the mom to “go to hell.” Mom says, “I’ll see you there.” She kinda meant it. Mom was waiting outside for Bree when she exited the store. She punched Bree in the face.

Clearly, this mom lost her shit. Also, I’m assuming her child was there which is horrifying. Realistically, this is terrible in every way. But I’m not going to say I wouldn’t fantasize about punching a smug onlooker in the face for telling me how to parent my screaming child.


Colma police confirmed Tuesday that there was a verbal fight between two women that led to a physical altercation.  They say the incident was caught on surveillance video and they are right now trying to track down the other person involved.

Hajek-Richardson admits this isn’t the first time she’s spoken to a parent about a loud child but says this is the first time she’s gotten such a violent reaction.

So just to recap, Mom was wrong. But in that parallel universe where we fantasize about things like telling our mother-in-laws to fuck off and and putting smug, judgy onlookers in their places – this is kind of awesome.

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