I Hate Parents Who Don’t Spay Their Pets Because They Want Their Kids To See ‘The Miracle Of Birth’

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Kids Watching Pets Give Birth My kids will all be volunteering at our local animal shelter this summer because as a mom I believe in making kids do volunteer work and we are all animal lovers. I also think they need to understand that shelter work involves a lot more than petting cute puppies and kittens, and they will be spending a lot of time helping fold towels and empty litter boxes. You know, all the things they act like is torture at home but will be all too happy to do at a shelter for stray dogs and cats. Our shelter spays and neuters pets before they are adopted and I think most shelters adhere to this rule, but you still see far too many animals that need homes. One of the excuses I have seen too often is that parents don’t spay and neuter because they want their kids to witness their beloved pet have babies.

Which is the worst excuse ever.

It’s heartbreaking to see any animal without a home. Our shelter is lovely and the animals are cared for wonderfully but it’s still heartbreaking. I love kittens and puppies as much as the next person but they all eventually grow up and if they aren’t fixed they have more kittens and puppies and either end up roaming as strays or waiting for a home in the shelter. A lot of times pets aren’t neutered because parents want their kids to see the miracle of childbirth and they are positive they can give away the puppies and kittens to friends and family members, or sell the animals online or at grocery story bulletin boards. This is why we have 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters each year. Kids don’t need to see their own pet have babies. This is why we have YouTube.

I think when possible parents should only adopt shelter pets and make sure they plan on caring for the pet they do adopt, even if the pet has issues when they first bring it home. I know a lot of people want dogs or cats of a specific breed and they will go purchase a pet from a breeder instead of adopting, but that doesn’t safeguard against potential behavioral problems or even the tedium of having to actually take care of a pet. Even purebred dogs have to be potty trained. Plus, many breeders don’t require a purchased animal be spayed or neutered in case people want to continue breeding, which can result in a whole mess of unwanted animals.

I wish shelters had some program where they would let people pay money so their kids could watch a pregnant animal give birth so that would no longer be a reason for some people not spaying or neutering. I doubt most kids would find this as fascinating as their parents think they would, and it would also show kids exactly what happens to unwanted pets. I know some people may not agree with me but I don’t think there is any reason to have an animal that isn’t fixed, unless you are a responsible breeder who is controlling exactly how many litters your pet is having. As much as I love dogs and cats, there are just too many homeless ones out there to justify letting any animal have babies, even if you want your kids to witness it.

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