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The Maya Rudolph Show Would Have Worked Better With More ‘Mom Stuff’

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The Maya Rudolph Show Lullaby song I was so excited about seeing The Maya Rudolph show last night. Maya is one of our people, people. She has four kids, she is brilliantly funny and talented and totally relatable and it’s about time we have a variety program on at night that showcases a woman. But the show fell flat in a lot of ways, and by the end of it I figured out that the only aspects that really worked where the ones about moms and for moms.

The idea for a Frozen sequel showcased by Kristen Bell? Very funny. And who knows more about Frozen due to the hundreds of viewings our kids subject us to more than moms?

The Garmyn Family skit? Something almost any mom can relate too, not only because of the utterly absurd robot voiced performances by Maya and Fred Armisen but because I think most moms and parents live in fear of the idea of their spawn getting married.

And finally the hilarious and adorable lullaby duet performed with Chris Parnell, that proves only a parent can have such ardent adoration for something that does little but spew bodily fluids all over the upholstery, which to me was the best part of the show.

The rest of it, save for a performance by the always awesome Janelle Monáe and the brilliant Craig Robinson who was wasted in a stupid song with thinly veiled euphemisms to genitalia was weak, uninspired and not very funny. I really wish they would have just gone for the whole MOM aspect of it and left the rest out.

I’m sure networks balk at the idea of having a whole series of skits devoted to parenting, and they are trying to attract a wider audience than those who were dumb enough to spread their legs and let someone put a baby inside of them, but if the best bits were those about parenting then maybe next time they should really go for it and add some sketches about sanctimommies and maybe a bit where Maya reprises her role as Beyoncé but this time with her showing up with a Blue Ivy baby at a local playgroup? I know Maya is more than just a mom, and she should be allowed to play whatever roles in whatever skits she wants to, but if the funniest parts where about parenting than maybe that’s something the creators need to consider.

See, I need to be hired to write for this show. Because she’s a mom of four, Maya should just focus on the absurd hilarity of that. I hope she gets another chance to have her show because I do think she is amazingly talented I just hope next time they have some better writers involved with it.

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