This Video Of Kids Reacting To Same-Sex Marriage Will Make You Happy

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Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.06.34 PMWhat happens when you show a group of kids a bunch of videos of same-sex proposals? They react honestly, adorably, and with acceptance. Humanity may not be doomed after all.

A group of kids ranging in age from 5 to 13 were shown a video of different marriage proposals involving same sex couples for the  Fine Brothers’ Kids React series. What I learned from watching it; kids love flash mobs, kids love to dance, kids grasp the concept of two people loving each other, kids absolutely love love.

The video starts with a flash mob performance, which the kids all seem to love and groove along to. When it becomes evident that it is a video of a man about to propose to another man, they say things like this:

Whoa. That’s cool.

Okay, so – they’re gay.

When somebody proposes to me, that’s what I want to happen.

Does he love him?

Good friends?

Is he gonna propose?

A few of them definitely look like their minds are blown, but absolutely none of them react in a negative way. Some of the younger kids had no idea same-sex marriage existed before the video. Mostly, they seemed to just be overwhelmed (in a good way) by the declarations of love – especially the flash-mobs.

One of the kids was hung up on the semantics. Why “gay?” The interviewer explained that the word actually meant “happy.” The boy responds, “so if I were to get a box of microscopes – would I be gay?” I love kids.

The kids are pretty unfazed by the whole concept, with many declaring that gay people were “born that way” and that “you like what you like.” The only time they really do seem annoyed by anything is when they are told that some others don’t accept gay people, which they all seem to think is really stupid.

That was so adorable!

All of these videos are just too cute.

This is new!

That’s what I want to see a lot. Gay and lesbian people shouldn’t be hiding.

This video is awesome and just proves what I already believe; hatred and bias of things we are not familiar with are learned behaviors – not innate ones. The one thing all of these kids seem to notice the most is that the subjects look happy.

If only some adults were as accepting.

(photo: YouTube)