TGI Friday Open Thread: Periods Suck So Let’s All Rag On Them

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023198e16dc6bce7e0f22a37c06460e6Yesterday in an article I wrote about a mom’s humiliating note to her son about his masturbatory habits, in the comments section a lot of you started discussing your Mr. Monthly. We should so not just leave it at that, because I’m all about talking about menstrual things as much as possible because it’s totally natural and we all go through it and it makes the mens all nervous. Well, I used to go through it, thanks to my lovely hysterectomy I never have to anymore, yay me! The savings in personal hygiene products alone are amazing. I know that some women find their monthly cycles all natural and awesome and it makes them feel all womanly but I hated mine. Maybe because I was hemorrhaging so badly I needed blood transfusions.

Plus, a lot of you reading Mommyish hate your period for other reasons, because it means that there goes a whole other cycle where you aren’t pregnant yet. And some of you are moms of daughters who may be getting close to the time when you need to have the TALK with her, all about her period and what she can expect and what brands of protection you want to buy her and all that. Plus, periods. Stupid, bloody periods.

When I was a teen of around age 16 I went over to my boyfriends house to have dinner with his family. I was a big fan of sanitary pads because I hated using tampons. I was surfing the crimson tide at the time, and used the guest bathroom and carefully and securely wrapped my discarded pad in yards and yards or toilet paper and joined my boyfriend and his parents at the dinner table. Only minutes later to have their stupid asshole dog run into the room. With my pad. In his mouth.

My boyfriend had no sisters, so it was pretty obvious who this item belonged to.

And now that I have shared this humiliating story with you, your turn! Pads, cups or tampons? Hate your period or love it? How old were you when you got it and are you looking forward to not getting it and MOST importantly, what do you crave when you are PMSing?

Tell! Tell! Tell!

OH and bonus, have you guys seen the best tampon/pad commercial EVER?

[youtube_iframe id=”0XnzfRqkRxU”]

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