Evening Feeding: Flirtmojis: The New (And Easy) Way To Sext

Flirtmojis. The new (and easy) way you’ll be sexting. –The Frisky

This family is making an insane amount of money with Frozen videos. –Crushable

If you love 19 Kids And Counting, you’ll love Bringing Up Bates. –Ok! Magazine

Most of us hate the subway, but this couple got married in one. (And it’s cute.) –Bustle

An overwhelming 55% of babies sleep dangerously. –Newser

Here’s how you can recover after an exhausting weekend spent traveling. –The Gloss

These gifts are perfect for people who’re trying to build a home gym. –Blisstree

The world looks very different when you’re asexual. –The Frisky

Photo: Shutterstock

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