Kindergarten Kid Sent Home For Having Out Of Fashion Hairstyle

kid suspended for mohawk A 5-year-old boy who attends school at Reid Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio was sent home until is mohawk grows back because his classmates found it too “distracting.” What I find distracting are parents who give their kids “cool” haircuts in order to express their individuality at age five when most kids this age don’t even need a haircut yet. And what’s even more distracting is that the school actually sent this poor kid home. I may not agree with his parent’s decision to make him look like a “cool dude” with the haircut, but I agree even less with the school. From The Daily Mail:

Superintendent Gregg Morris said the hairstyle was a distraction for students and violates district rules

‘Our policy clearly states that any dress or grooming which is disruptive or distracting to the educational process is not acceptable. In this particular case, the student’s hairstyle did provide disruption to the classroom,’ Morris said.

The parents have decided to shave his head so he can go back to school. 

It’s just hair, people. And even though a kid sporting a mohawk is not my idea of anything I have any interest in partaking in, especially at that young of an age, I really don’t see what the big deal is. I like mohawks on high school students who do it as a form of rebellion because they suddenly discovered The Exploited or something. When parents give their tiny kids extreme hairstyles or blue highlights it always feels like it is the parents idea, not when I was 12 and decided to dye my hair blue with kool aid because I wanted to look like a mermaid. When parents do it I think it sort of seems like the adults are trying really hard to show the world how cool they are by their children, which is dumb to me. And I do think that school should be for learning and playing and socializing with peers, not trying to be a tiny little participant in a playground fashion show. But whatever, parents can do what they want and if they decide they want to have their kid having a haircut that hasn’t been popular in 30 years, so be it.

Little kids are cool enough without having to express their “individuality” with how they dress or how their hair looks. But sending a kid home because of this just sent a loud and clear message to the other classmates that if you look “different” you should be punished and sent home.

(Photo: Annette Shaff/shutterstock)

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