This Sign Needs to Be at Every Children’s Sports Event

If you’ve ever been to a children’s sports game, you’ve experienced That Parent. The one who takes the game SO seriously, screaming at the coaches, the officials, and worst of all, their own child. It’s horrible to watch, and it’s even worse for the child of That Parent. A Little League organization in Milwaukee is reminding parents that children’s sports are supposed to be fun with a genius sign that should seriously be up at fields and courts all around the world.

Little League dad Evan Primakow was watching his eight-year-old son’s baseball game when he noticed a sign displayed on the fence. He took a picture and uploaded it to the subreddit r/pics, where it quickly drew a large response.

don't be a dick
via Reddit / Trayf

The sign calls out five things all spectators need to remember:

1. These are KIDS.

2. This is a GAME.

3. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.

4. Umpires are HUMAN.

5. Your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today.

As someone who grew up playing softball and now coaches young girls, I firmly believe these signs need to be up EVERYWHERE. It’s unfortunate that so many parents put intense pressure on their children to excel at something that should be fun. Playing on a team is about so much more than winning – it teaches the importance of teamwork, and how to place a group’s needs ahead of the individual. I have seen so many kids stop playing a sport they were truly gifted in because they couldn’t take the pressure and negativity from their parents. That’s just sad.

Primakow told HuffPost that the sign works. ”I think it works in that it is a reminder, that is very visible at games, that these are just kids and there’s no reason to let things get out of hand.” The president of his son’s Little League, John Diedrich, said that the signs (which are posted on all of the league’s fields) weren’t posted in response to a particular incident, but because some adults tend to go overboard while watching and coaching games. ”That overly competitive attitude has led to strife among parents at games at times,” Diedrich said.

Parents, please remember: it’s one thing to motivate your children to do their best. It’s quite another to demean and demoralize them. And know this: they will never, ever forget that you did it. Several commenters on the picture Primakow posted on Reddit wrote about their heartbreaking experiences with their own parents and coaches, some of which happened decades ago. Don’t be That Asshole Parent. Support, praise, and love your children, no matter what.

(Image: Reddit / Trayf)

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