The KFC Twitter Account Has Blown My Mind and Won My Heart

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Look, the world sucks right now. A lot. All the time. It is unrelenting in it’s suckage, and sometimes, we just need a little bit of magic. I got mine last night as I was absentmindedly scrolling through my Twitter timeline, and my heart is still smiling. Turns out, fast food social media is doing the game better than anyone, and the KFC Twitter account just ran away with the bucket of chicken. Brace yourselves, it’s a good one.

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The KFC Twitter account follows 11 people. That’s it. But it’s WHO they follow that holds the key to turning your frown upside down.

kfc twitter account

Image: Twitter/@kfc

They follow all 5 Spice Girls…

kfc twitter account

Image: Twitter/@kfc

And 6 different people named Herb.


Image: Twitter/@kfc

The KFC Twitter account follows 11 HERBS AND SPICES, you guys. 11 HERBS AND SPICES.

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Twitter user @edgette22 tweeted out the revelation, and minds everywhere exploded. No idea how or why they figured this out, and I don’t even care.

People were shook. Or whatever cool people are nowadays.

The level of genius this required from the KFC social media team is unparalleled. And no one even knew! They were just like, aaaaaaany day now, guys. Our genius will be made public any day now. TODAY IS THE DAY, KFC.

Even our other favorite fast food social media account got in on the action.

The genius lies in the subtlety of the joke. Like, who the hell even checks who a fast food Twitter account follows? This could have gone unnoticed forever! Hats off to you, @edgette22. You did real good work tonight.

Oh, and KFC? If you’re listening? Your social media and marketing team just blew up the internet. Those Christmas bonuses better be SOLID.

I really, truly hope this made you all as happy as it made me. It’s the little things, right? Just a small bright spot in never-ending gloom and doom. And it so warms my cold, black heart to know that someone loves their job SO MUCH that they’d go through all this trouble to hide the mother of all Easter eggs. Good day on the internet, people. They don’t come around very often anymore, let’s really savor this one.

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