Internet Troll Tried to Shame Kelly Clarkson About Her Weight, She Shut Them Down and Fans Joined In

Few things make the internet shittier than trolls. These repulsive, sad excuses for human beings like hiding behind crappy social media accounts and harassing people for absolutely no reason. Personally, I’m a fan of the “block” feature on Twitter, but others choose to engage these pathetic losers (yeah, I’m not mincing words here), and that’s cool, too. Case in point, Kelly Clarkson. She recently posted a general thank you to service members on Independence Day, and a troll decided to talk about Kelly Clarkson’s weight and shame her.

But don’t worry: Kelly Clarkson (and her fans) totally shut down the body-shaming troll, and it was glorious.

The troll in question, who goes by the handle @euger23 (and who has a whopping total of 236 followers) thought he would try and make the ever-successful Clarkson (who boasts 11.6 million followers) feel bad about her body.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

Yeah, good job buddy. You barked up the wrong tree. Cause you know, this queen was not about to let some rando hater get her down. She quickly snapped back:

Over 16,000 fans agreed with her response, because why wouldn’t they? Who the hell cares about this moron’s pointless and wholly uncreative tweet? But many didn’t leave it there. They were all quick to defend the singer:

Side note: The troll’s user pic is of the back of Ben Roethelisberger…you know…the football player and accused rapist? Way to pick your heroes, bro.

Seriously, if you just scroll down all the responses they are ALL uber supportive of Clarkson. Obviously the pop star has a solid and positive fan base. But you know, everything is better with gifs and memes, so Twitter went at it after that, showing their outpouring of love with plenty of images to make you chuckle or say, “yass queen!”

This one is especially good since we all know Clarkson got her start via American Idol.

Another side note: We totally need to be using Betty White shaking her tatas as a gif more often.

Just goes to show you should know who you’re messing with before you even try. Troll, we’re all gonna forget you in about 5 minutes, but Kelly will continue to be massively awesome on every level for years to come. Choke on that.

(Image: Twitter / @kelly_clarkson)

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