Beyonce’s Twins’ Names Have Been Leaked and Twitter’s Being Twitter

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Many of us have long been awaiting the arrival of Beyonce’s twin babies (or as some call them: her beybies). But once we knew they were finally here (and after their initial NICU stay), we all had the same question: What are Beyonce’s twins’ names? Apparently, there were some rumors that Jay-Z and Ms. Carter were planning on naming their little ones Shawn Jr. and Bea. Cute enough, right? But these rumors have since been squashed, because celebs can’t do regular names, right? Now there’s mounting evidence of Beyonce’s babies’ actual names, and of course, Twitter is being Twitter about it.

So What ARE Beyonce’s Twins’ Names?

It seems Beyonce has gone into her love of 13th century poetry (did you know she had a love of 13th century poetry? Cause I didn’t, but I’m not gonna put it past her) for the inspiration behind one of the names. And the other name, well…maybe Jay-Z handled that one. Either way, the twins names are….drum roll please…

Rumi Carter and Sir Carter

Yup. Rumi, I’m assuming, is named after the oft-quoted poet. I’m not sure where Sir came from, but then again considering their last child was named Blue Ivy, it’s not exactly a stretch. So according to TMZ (who broke the news about the names), Mom and Dad Carter apparently filed some legal paperwork trademarking the names right around the time the twins were released from the hospital. It makes sense considering Bey actually sued over a Texas company using the name Feyonce to sell merchandise last year. Guess she wasn’t having that.

As for Twitter, there are…mixed feelings regarding the Beybies new names. From anger:

To complacent:

To some straight-up mocking:



Of course, there’s always a die-hard fan or two that isn’t about to turn on ol’ Sasha Fierce…

Alright, so I guess not many people are thrilled about the names. But hey, it’s Beyonce’s (and also somewhat Jay-Z’s) choice to make, and not anyone else’s. Personally, I’m kind of digging Rumi if it’s a girl. I don’t know about Sir…although if Sir was also a girl, I think I could get into it as well.

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(Image: Instagram / @beyonce)