Child Abuse

Mom Accused of Subjecting Son to 323 Hospital Visits, 13 Surgeries

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A Texas mother has been accused of subjecting her son to 13 major surgeries and up to 323 hospital visits. Kaylene Bowen seems to believe that her son, Christopher, is dying. However, it turns out, that the only thing he is suffering from is his mother. Christopher doesn’t have any of the illnesses his mother claims.

Kaylene Bowen took Christopher, who was born prematurely at 33 weeks, to several hospitals and medical centers all around the Dallas Texas area from 2009 to 2016.

She claims that her son is dying of cancer, that he has suffered seizures, and that he needs to be put on fulltime oxygen. She even insisted that he have a feeding tube and be put on the lung transplant list. Only problem is, doctors can’t find any evidence of cancer or seizures in their examination.

“It’s always the same story: Christopher is dying,” Ryan Crawford, Christopher’s father, said to the Star-Telegram. Crawford has been trying to get custody of his son for years, but the courts have denied it claiming that he can’t care for his “sick” son.

Eventually, hospital staff notified Child Protective Services, reports Fox News. Bowen has since been arrested for injury to a child with serious bodily injury. Doctors were concerned that she had tried to induce some of the symptoms she claimed Christopher was suffering from. What’s more, Christopher has suffered from life-threatening blood infections from the feeding tube his mother insisted he have.

A sick child is a parent’s worst nightmare. The idea that a serious illness, such as cancer, can take a child away is heart-wrenching and can take a toll on parents.

So, some wonder, why Kaylene Bowen chose to act as if her son was suffering. Why would any parent subject their child to such horrible and unnecessary treatments?

Many speculate that Bowen is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This is when a person attempts to create physical or psychological symptoms in another person, particularly someone that depends on them. She has not been officially diagnosed. Bowen has, however, been using her son’s “sickness” to raise money. The mother of three set up a YouCaring page that raised $8,000 of it’s $10,000 goal.

Christopher – and his half-siblings – have since been placed in foster care. He has also been taken off his feeding tube and is eating like a normal child. His father is seeking custody again.