This Mother Found a Gorgeous Way to Fix an Old Tattoo of Her Kids When Her Son Came Out as Trans


(Photo: Facebook/Steve Peace Tattoos)

There are a lot of reasons people tell us to be wary of having things permanently etched onto our bodies–maybe your flowers will wilt when you get old, maybe the lead singer of that band you love will turn out to be horribly racist in 10 years. The world is a mutable place, and things change. Luckily, tattoos can change too, because one mother wound up needing a bit of a refresher recently when her 15-year-old son told her that he was transgender.

According to Yahoo Parenting, Lindsay Peace had gorgeous, full-color tattoos of her three children drawn on her arm by her husband, tattoo artist Steve Peace. They are bright, colorful, and beautiful tattoos, and she had them for about 10 years. But then her oldest child, 15-year-old Ace, came out as a trans boy, and Lindsay realized that her tattoo did not actually accurately reflect her family.

In the original tattoo, Ace was depicted as a little blonde girl in a pink dress with a big purple bow. He did not feel like it accurately represented him.

”I felt it didn’t reflect me very much,” Ace said in an interview Global News. ”It wasn’t so much our family because that person didn’t exist anymore.”

”A lot of trans people don’t like pictures of themselves from their past. That’s one that sort of walked around with us, as a family,” Steve said of the old tattoo. But then he fixed it.

Without telling Ace of their plans, Lindsay had Steve do some really excellent cover-up work on her tattoo. Now Ace has short hair instead of pigtails, and wears a T-shirt and shorts. He has a slingshot tucked into his collar where the bow had been, and he is still blowing the dandelion. It’s really good work! And it’s a great thing for a parent to do. 

Ace did not know his mother was getting her tattoo fixed until she showed him the updated version, and he was utterly thrilled to see his picture had been fixed to show him as a boy.

”It made me really happy. I didn’t realize how much she believed me,” he said. ”It finally fits.”

Lindsay and Steve deserve a round of applause for both the very good tattoo work and the excellent parenting.

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