Octomom Compares Herself To E.T. — Yeah, The Beloved Alien

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One of my all time favorite walking disasters, Nadya Suleman, was interviewed by Celebuzz where she compared herself to E.T., the extraterrestrial, and her babies to nuclear bombs. She also discusses her porno movie, her sex life, and how she hopes she can record more singles for us to enjoy.

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Mommyish’s Shawna Cohen  once stated that :

One can only hope and pray that Suleman’s kids won’t discover the actual video one day in the future. But, who are we kidding, they totally will.

Shawna, it’s totally cool! The kids know all about her porno movie and they are okay with it! They are “desensitized” to porn! If there’s one thing as a mom that I have always wanted to brag about, it is that my kids are desensitized to pornography! Yippee!

Octomom claims to be in a good place right now financially, due to her newfound pornography and recording career, and I hope that means she can now focus on more important matters, like raising her fourteen children. It seems to me that maybe finishing her degree and working in a field where she doesn’t have to expose us to her octobreasts may be more of a good career choice, but I shall try and not pass judgement on Octomom. She also claims she wants to start an empire for her family, so maybe that means a line of Octomom hair extensions and branded Octomom vehicle tires aren’t that far off in the future. She is all ready shilling for Octoloan , bring on the Octomom line of snack chips!

The last time I wrote about Octomom, I tried really, really hard to say nice things about her, and yes, in the above video her hair still looks nice. But now she has ruined E.T. for me, so I’m going to stop saying nice things about her hair. All I’ve got now is that her shoes look comfortable.

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