Just What We Need: Viktor&Rolf And Bugaboo Introduce $2000 Designer Stroller

viktor rolf strollerWere you wondering what to get that girl from your office for her baby shower? Did you need a convenient little buggy for a day out in the city? I have the perfect product for you. Viktor&Rolf collaborated with Bugaboo to bring you this beautiful stroller, which retails for a reasonable $1775. No that’s not a typo, it’s really supposed to be four numbers there.

The gray buggie has silver alloy wheels, none of that plastic nonsense. It’s being marketed as, “My First Car.” Probably because it’s the cost that some parents spend on their teen’s first cars.

The designers who put together this ridiculously expensive contraption, Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren, had this to say about their foray into the stroller industry.

“Working on this collaboration with Bugaboo was a creative challenge for us as it’s out of our immediate design sphere, which always proves to be interesting as you can think about objects differently. In doing so, we envisioned a My First Car Bugaboo a luxurious and innovative vehicle which is the ultimate in mobility design. There is a slightly ironic and unexpected twist as this Bugaboo takes to the open road but we love the idea of any design object being transformative.”

I hate to bust any dreams here, but I’m pretty sure that the only thing transformative about this stroller is the price tag. Up until now, we didn’t realize designer baby products had gotten so out of control. Obviously, the trend has been growing and leading us to a place where we’ll pay an exorbitant amount for a designer stroller. I guess even your infant’s transportation has been a “walking billboard” of the parents.

For their part, Bugaboo had this to say about “My First Car.”

“We are extremely proud of the result of our collaboration. With My First Car, Viktor&Rolf have added ingenuity and originality to the modern lifestyle and mobility of parents today. We love how they both literally and figuratively turn what’s expected upside down. That creative imagination complements our products and our brand perfectly.”

Once again, the only thing unexpected about this stroller is its price tag. But I guess if they can get people to pay it, they really will turn my expectations upside down. Up until now, I had no idea people were looking for ways to throw their money away.

(Photo: Bugaboo)

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