Kristin Davis Has No Shame At Calling An Advisor To Help With That ‘Confusing’ Adoption Process

Kristin Davis adoptionEveryone’s favorite self-identified on-screen WASP, Kristin Davis, may have played a traditional family woman on Sex and The City, but the single mommy recently adopted a little baby girl on her own: Gemma Rose. Kristin has admitted that she has always wanted to adopt a child. Yet, she shares with Anderson Cooper that when she embarked on the process, she was so overwhelmed by the immense amount of online forms — just like the rest of us.

Kristin spoke candidly about how she was originally set on international adoption given the pronounced “need” she has seen around the world. As an aside, she also mentioned the reputation domestic adoption has for seeking out more traditional families. And as a single woman, she was initially convinced that it would be harder for her to successfully adopt a child through domestic channels.  She cites the “white picket fence” to audiences, suggesting that she wasn’t what many agencies would be looking for. The mountain of paperwork was also concerning to Kristin:

I had started that process…it’s quite confusing, you go online and there are these different rules and you get very confused and if you’re single it’s harder…I could not navigate the situation. I couldn’t figure out which country or how to do it.

But after seeing a previous Anderson Cooper interview with the “orphan doctor,” Dr. Jane Aronson, Kristen sought out her consulting services. The actress describes Dr. Aronson as having  “held my hand” through the adoption process, which for a single parent, can be well worth the money. Whether partnered or single, however, the adoption route is notoriously challenging for even seasoned parents. Seeking out an additional expert to help construct your family can sometimes be a much appreciated asset to many modern parents.

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