Kate Moss’ 13-Year-Old Sister Lottie Moss Makes Modeling Debut

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It was just a matter of time. Back in July, when Kate Moss married Jamie Hince, people couldn’t help but notice 13-year-old Charlotte “Lottie” Moss – Kate’s half-sister. Modeling agents especially took notice, including Carole White, who called Lottie “beautiful” and “fresh” with “a very English rose look.” Lottie’s mom Inger Moss, however, said there’s no way her 13-year-old would be modeling any time soon. “She’s too young,” she told The Evening Standard at the time. “When she is old enough it will be her decision.”

Well, four months have since passed and, well, turns out Lottie is old enough to make her own decisions! Photographer Andrea Carter Bowman did a test shoot with Lottie and the images have been making their rounds on the interweb. As is expected, it’s hard to believe that Lottie is just 13 years old in these photos; she looks like a whole other person than the innocent little bridesmaid who smiled sweetly on her sister’s wedding day.

That’s not to say she’s not gorgeous – Lottie takes after Kate, though her look is way more conventional – it’s just that, well, she is 13 years old. And while there are lots of teen models out there, something tells me Lottie will be showing up in a lot highly sexualized shoots in the coming months.[tagbox tag=”Kate Moss”]

Just this week, we wrote about Marc Jacobs’ perfume ad featuring a Lolita-esque Dakota Fanning being banned in the UK because it sexualizes children (although the actress is 17, she looks much younger in the ad). There’s just something creepy about children selling clothes and beauty products to adult women.

That said, Lottie has yet to book her first “official” (read: paid) job but we’re looking forward to seeing where her new modeling career takes her. Let’s just hope it’s somewhere wholesome and pure (ha!).

Meanwhile, Lottie’s dad Peter Moss said they’re taking it one step at a time and that it’s still “early days.” And, given the rising cost of higher education, kids today should take the most of any “opportunities.” “It’s harder and harder to get jobs, university and things like that,” he told the Daily Mail. “So if she can get a couple of jobs early on and get something behind her, maybe it makes life easier.”

I get the sentiment but, uh, his little girl is 13 years old. She’s a child, still! Here’s hoping Lottie’s parents have the sensibility to keep a watchful eye on her. The last thing we need is another Dina Lohan in our midst.