10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth In Mexico, Again

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Pregnant belly with handsA 10-year-old girl from Puebla, Mexico gave birth to a baby boy after a 31-week pregnancy fraught with complications.  The little girl was admitted to the Women’s Hospital on October 22nd after enduring “life-threatening” complications and seizures. Now officials are looking into if the 10-year-old was raped and by whom.

The baby boy was born premature obviously and weighed a mere 3.3 pounds after a successful c-section. He currently resides in the intensive care unit where he is being treated for pneumonia. The 10-year-old mother was permitted to return home after the birth but visits everyday to breastfeed — yes, she’s capable.[tagbox tag=”child bride”]

The Puebla state Attorney General’s Office is investigating who the father might be and furthermore, if the young girl was sexually assaulted. The age of consent is shockingly 12 years old in the state but it has been under review according to NY Daily News. Women who seek out abortions in Puebla face fines and a prison sentence unless they can prove that they were raped — and we all know how that goes.  A 10-year-old who must “prove” that she is raped to access said procedure needs to openly name her accuser which if he is her father or stepfather could result in even more threats to her safety, get to the police which is pretty tricky if you’re a 10 year old , and all while the clock is ticking.

About a year ago, there was the case of 11-year-old Amalia, also in Mexico, who was denied an abortion by the local Justice Department during the fourth month of her pregnancy. She delivered her child two weeks prematurely.

She told authorities that she was raped repeatedly by her stepfather when she was 10 years old, but women are not permitted abortions after three weeks of conception. The UN was apt in their ruling that denying women access to abortion was denying them a basic human right.

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