Two Strippers Brawled Over A Buck And One Of Them Is Pregnant, I Know The Dowager Countess Would Not Approve

bbcLadies! Ladies! One does not fight over a mere dollar bill when one is with child! These chicks obviously needed The Dowager Countess to set them down and give them a lesson in proper etiquette. This is just a ruse so I can discuss two of my favorite things on earth, Maggie Smith as Lady Grantham and strippers fighting.
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But of course, they didn’t have strippers back then because it’s only now that we are discussing prostitution on Downtown, much less girls sliding up and down poles for shitty tips from exploitive men. But I’m almost positive the Countess would not approve, considering she doesn’t approve of much. I can’t imagine having to be a dancer while pregnant! During my pregnancies I was always exhausted, and prone to falling asleep by eight o’clock, but even had I worked the day shift I would have demanded frequent naps and back rubs. The poor pregnant girl involved in this altercation was obviously distraught because everyone knows that a dollar bill can buy you things that pregnant women need, like a candy. From The Portage Daily Register:

Two dancers at Silk Exotic ”” one of whom is pregnant ”” were cited for disorderly conduct Thursday night after getting into a fight on stage over a dollar.

According to a press release from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to Silk at 9:30 p.m. for a call about a fight. When they arrived, they found that two of the dancers, ages 19 and 23, had gotten into a fight on stage over a dollar bill. One of the customers had attempted to give the bill to one of the dancers, but the other took exception because she felt that she had earned that dollar.

The press release states that both women fell to the floor, punching and slapping each other, and each pulled out some of the other’s hair. One of the dancers was pregnant. The fight was broken up by other dancers and customers.

Neither of the women required immediate medical attention, and both were cited for disorderly conduct, which carries a $250 fine.

Sheesh, to fight over a stupid dollar and then to have to pay a $250 fine is the worst. Not to mention the fact that one should not fight whilst one is with child. Not to mention the fact that one should not remove one’s clothing to bad slow jams for money whilst one is with child. Oh dear. Why does every day involve a fight with an American?

(photo: BBC)

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