Memo To American Apparel: Teens Are Not Idiots

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Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you know by now that American Apparel founder and CEO Dov Charney is a perv who’s all about hooking up with his hot young employees and occasionally jerking off in front of reporters. He also has a bunch of sexual harassment claims against him, but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, American Apparel’s print campaigns have always been controversial – most feature young teenage models or employees in sexually provocative poses (Charney himself is often the photographer). But the brand’s latest fall/winter 2011/12 footwear campaign makes zero sense.[tagbox tag=”fashion industry”]

I know I’m not the demo market here, but I think that even everyday teenage boys and girls can see that a shiny oxford shoe resting on a bare ass cheek is just stupid. It’s not even clever. Or creative. Or sexy!

It actually makes no sense, and I am annoyed for all the kids out there who are supposed to get excited over such stupidity. I mean, are they supposed to want this shoe simply because it’s next to a faceless woman’s ass?