Blogger Faces Criticism for Telling the Honest Truth About Motherhood

Every mom knows this to be the god’s honest truth: parenting, while amazing, is also the hardest thing in the world. And while the highs are really high, the lows are soul-crushing. But for whatever reason, even though NO MOM in the entire world loves EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of motherhood, some of them sure like to tear others down when they dare to say it out loud. Karen Johnson is a blogger at The 21st Century SAHM, and she’s funny and real and honest. And that’s just not ok anymore, is it? Karen shared a funny meme about moms at the end of winter break, and of course, she was criticized for it. So Karen bit back.

The meme Karen Johnson shared that started it all was funny! And yes, after having my kids home for 2 1/2 weeks while trying to work and keep them from killing each other, that is EXACTLY what I look like.

The first comment on the Facebook post is just so, so typical of the “Treasure every moment, even when they’re puking in your mouth and crying because the grass is green and they want it to be purple” crowd. I wish that entire crowd would just shut the fuck up.

karen johnson
Image: Facebook/The 21st Century SAHM

Uggggggh. Really? REALLY? “Why do people have children that they want to get rid of?” The fuck kind of question is that? Also love and discipline is all well and good, but it doesn’t turn your children into angels. Kids are lovely, but they’re monsters sometimes. Every single kid in the entire world. Even yours, Perfect Mom!

This is one of the go-to arguments for the Judgy Bitch Mom crowd. “Well, why did you have kids if you don’t want to be around them?” Listen: we LOVE our kids. Like, love them in a way that physically hurts. But I don’t want to spend every moment of every day WITH ANYONE. Especially tiny little Sour Patch Kids come to life.

Karen responded in a separate post where she basically told the perfect moms to get bent.

“Have I enjoyed spending time with my kids over break? Of course. We played board games, snuggled up, watched movies, stayed up late, took road trips, sang Christmas carols, played 20 questions and the license plate game, talked about our dreams and fears and what we loved most about Christmas. But some days they drove me a little bat-shit crazy. Refereeing over who gets the last waffle when we also have like 24 other breakfast choices can make a mom go a little nutty at 7 am. So I turn to humor.”

At the end of the post, Karen Johnson says, “You can love being with your kids and also vent about how hard parenthood is. It’s really possible to do both! Yay.” AMEN.

Being a mom is amazing. But being a mom is also the hardest goddamn thing in the entire world. So please, save your judgement for people who truly deserve it (and there are a lot of them). Leave the moms who’re just trying to laugh a little alone. Let us have our funny memes while we love and care for our kids 24 hours a fucking day.

Just, shoo. Go away. And take your righteous britches with you.

(Image: Facebook/The 21st Century SAHM)

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