Buy More Girl Scout Cookies In Response To Transphobic Campaign, Say Mommyish Readers

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Girl Scout cookiesHonest Girl Scouts may be asking that you boycott Girl Scout cookies this year because doors have been opened to transgender girls, but not everyone is responding to this scare tactic, specifically Mommyish readers. Once it was announced that a portion of Girl Scouts were protesting the Colorado decision to admit a 7-year-old transgender girl named Bobby Montoya, supporters everywhere tripled their cookie orders to advocate for transgender Girl Scouts.

A reader named Janet commented on Mommyish that she was “ashamed” that the featured 14-year-old girl in the “Honest Girl Scouts” video came from her home state of California. She added that given the young lady’s lack of compassion, she found it not at all surprising that she covered her troop number:

Maybe I’ll cross state lines and order all of my cookies from Bobby’s [Montoya] troop! My daughter (Gold Award) and I are both Lifetime Girl Scouts and appalled at this young woman’s perspective of transgender youth. She needs a little more education before embarking on this scare tactic…She definitely does not adhere to the values of scouting and would be better off joining another organization where her limited view and bigotry are embraced. Hopefully, with age will come wisdom and care and compassion.

Another reader I spoke to named Jen H., a former Girl Scout herself, says that the original statement by Girls Scouts of America (GSUSA) announcing their inclusion of transgender girls made her smile. She describes the claims in the Honest Girl Scouts video to be “silly” and is disappointed in the split-off group for using GSUSA’s cornerstone of fundraising to vilify children:

“GSUSA focuses on the empowerment of young women. It’s logical to think that reproductive freedoms and inclusively toward all women, regardless of sexual orientation helps in that empowerment,” she says. “That Honest Girl Scouts seeks to oppose something inclusive by not only spewing hate, but by calling for a boycott on the organization’s most recognizable form of fundraising – I thought that was some terrible parenting.”

Jen normally buys a few boxes of cookies a year to support the organization and their values. But this year, in response to Honest Girl Scouts, Jen plans to increase her annual order by at least 1000%.

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