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Children’s Book Author Has Cutest Baby Of All Time Which Is A Kangaroo She Dresses In Baby Clothes

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Kangaroo As Pet I hate when people keep wild animals as pets. Because I’m jealous. I mean, come onnnnn. I know that wild animals shouldn’t live in captivity and once you take a wild animal into your home you are basically two seconds away from taking bubble baths with it and feeding it valium, but I can’t help but feel totally jealous when someone has a really cool pet that loves them like a child and follows them all over the house. LIke in this case with Julia Heckathorn from Virginia who has a kangaroo that she dresses in children’s clothing and who stretches its arms out for hugs and plays with the family cat and anteater. Yes, these people also get to have an anteater.

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Julia takes the Kangaroo, named Boomeroo, with her when she visit’s schools to teach kids about conservation. The couple had Boomeroo living in the house with them when they adopted her when she was three weeks old and now the kangaroo lives in a temperature controlled barn in the backyard. Via The Daily Mail:

‘When Boomeroo was younger I used to carry her around in a bag with me to the supermarket so she could get used to seeing people,’ she said.

 ‘To her I’m her mum and she follows me everywhere. When she sees me near she makes this little sound, like an excited chortle, just as kangaroos would do in the wild to locate their mum,’ Mrs Heckathorn added.

My cat won’t even let me put a Christmas bow on its head! This is all just grossly unfair. I think kangaroos can be violent towards humans in the wild and I hope this is never the case with Boomeroo, because according to the article the couple who owns him are expecting a baby daughter. Now the baby and the kangaroo can share clothing!

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