My New Favorite Halloween Costume Involves Breaking Bad Babies

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The amazing Halloween costumes just keep coming people, this time courtesy of Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman, who tweeted this adorable babies who are all photoshoped up to look like Jessie and Walt, awwww, meth-makin’ babies!

breaking bad babies

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.12.00 AM

I demand we see some Downton Abbey babies and some Orange Is The New Black babies and some American Horror Story babies now, awww, little Jessica Lange and Angela Basset babies!

I’m sure some parents (But not you, you are cool) are super offended by the idea of dressing up babies as men who manufacture and sell meth, but it’s just a TV show people it is not real!

For you super creative parents, you can also find Walter White stencils on the Internet:



As well as Jesse:


I feel like a slacker now, I was just going to dump some sequins and glitter on a pumpkin and call it a day.

I haven’t found any babies dressed as Game Of Thrones characters, but I did find a baby Don Draper on Tumblr!

Mad men child costumes

The only issue with any of these costumes is that your kid is going to have absolutely no idea who they are dressing up as. They would probably rather go as a ghost or something. But you would still be the hippest (If not most annoying) parent on the block!

(Images: Instagram/tumblr)