Katherine Heigl Briefly Laments Raising A Zoo Along With Two Little Kids

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shutterstock_105980840Katherine Heigl may have found her mommy limit for pets plus kids. Every parent seems to have one — and for many I personally know that number is zero. But Heigl’s is considerably higher. Like way higher.

People magazine reports that the mother of 4-year-old Naleigh and newborn Adalaide has seven pooches under her roof at present. Apparently the 34-year-old has a penchant for doggy rescuing as “an ardent animal lover and advocate.” But despite her own efforts, Katherine recommends that not everyone should feel inclined to raise a zoo along with a family:

“Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend that,” the actress jokes to PEOPLE. “I really love these dogs, but it’s a lot with two little kids.”

Nevertheless, the delight those seven doggies bring to her children’s lives seem to make the constant care and upkeep worth it. Especially in the case of of Katherine’s oldest child:

“Naleigh, from the moment she came to us, was surrounded by dogs,” the actress says. “Especially when she was really little, 1-1½, they were her best friends. She would hang out with the dogs and dress them up in her little party clothes and put necklaces on them and play tea party with them. I love it so much that she will always have this source of comfort in her life if she’s an animal person.”

A zoo with tea parties? So worth it.

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