Josie Maran Gets The Publicized Home Water Birth Of Kris Jenner’s Dreams

Josie MaranI don’t know Josie Maran very well, but I think she might want to watch her back around Tinsel Town. The model/actress who apparently competed on Dancing With the Stars at some point in time just stole Kris Jenner‘s dream at-home water birth publicity tour. I have a feeling that stealing valuable PR ideas from Jenner is a dangerous move.

A couple months ago, Kourtney Kardashian considered have a at-home water birth, apparently at the encouragement of her prenatal yoga buddies. That idea ended up falling through when Kourt watched a water birth and got a little less comfortable with the idea. But there were reports that Jenner liked the idea of turning the experience into another quality episode of television. And while Kris didn’t get the opportunity with little Penelope, let’s not forget that she has four other daughters who could presumably have kids one day. The lady has ample opportunity to put on that show!

Now, Josie Maran has waltzed in and stolen the idea. Sure, the woman didn’t get to broadcast it on live television, but she shared pictures on Twitter and blogged about it on People. It’s obviously been done now.

Maran gave birth to her second child, Indi Joon, in the backyard of her Pennsylvania vacation home this summer. Now, she’s sharing what sounds like a truly blissful experience. Honestly, if the idea didn’t completely terrify me, her account would almost convince me to try it au natural in my backyard as well.

“Soon I was sitting in a blow-up kiddie swimming pool in my backyard with my midwives, family, and friends gathered around. My dear husband was in the pool with me, encouraging me, telling me that I was powerful, capable and beautiful.

My older daughter, Rumi Joon, was dancing around, checking on me, then running off to make me clover crowns. She even came out with a plate of cookies for my guests ”” always the perfect little hostess. When I was struggling, she gave me lots of kisses to help me through.

It was a beautiful day. I took in the view around me as each contraction came and went through my body. I love being outside, so the choice to give birth in the great outdoors was a natural one for me.

Being surrounded by birds, plants, and my family was much better than being in a hospital with impatient doctors and lots of beeping monitors. A home birth was the perfect choice for me ”” that’s why I did it again.”

A home birth might not be right for everyone, but Maran definitely succeeds it making it sound like perfection for her. And really, that’s all a birth needs to be, exactly what makes the mother happy. Of course, we’re thrilled every time adorable little ones make it into the world healthy.

But I’m just saying, this wonderful experience sounds a lot like what Kris Jenner would’ve loved to capture on tape. Maybe with a little more drama built in, for suspense sake. And probably a couple of product endorsements, for budget purposes.

Instead, Josie Maran got to steal the spotlight with her adorable birthing story. Kris and Kourt better watch out, with a blog on People, Maran might butt in on their reality parent publicity.

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