Pre-Baby Bench Press – And Other Workouts To Go With Your Vagina Exercises

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In case you haven’t heard the envious news, France pays for new moms to retrain their vaginas after childbirth. Some might be a little hesitant to have a medical professional help them with the strength of their pelvic floor, but I think it sounds awesome. Honestly, anything that keeps new moms from peeing every time they sneeze or laugh should be seen as an important public service!

The first thing I thought when I heard the news about vagina exercises was, “I gotta move to France!”

Now, the more I think about a special exercise regime just for new moms, the more I want to add to the list. After all, it’s not just your vagina that’s effected when you pop out a child. (Although it arguably goes through the biggest transformation.) Still, I feel like there’s even more we could be doing.

I decided that medical intervention could help moms deal with issues such as saggy boobs, insufficient stamina and seriously unprepared biceps. And even if we aren’t going to get ten to twenty weeks of instruction, every little bit of advice would help. Here’s some pre- and post-baby exercises that all new moms could benefit from.

How would you suggest new moms prepare for the physically demanding aspects of motherhood?