Back To School Week: The Top 5 Things To Do On The First Day Of School

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first day of schoolWe’re almost there, mommies and daddies. Are you counting the hours? Or maybe you’ve already taken that emotional — or celebratory— walk to the metaphoric bus stop? But whether you’re already in back to school mode or hoping to get yourself there, there are other to-dos that don’t include new clothes, new school supplies, or preparing for those grade expectations. Even if you’re running ideal morning routines in your head and you’ve already started packing those sandwiches, there is a handful of first day of school essentials that you should keep mind, especially for those FIRST first day of school parents.

So while we’ve already reviewed the top five things not to do on the first day of school, let’s round it out on a positive note by detailing what will ensure you and your kiddie an extra special scholastic debut.