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‘We’d Like To Invite All Our Passengers In Labor To Go Ahead And Not Board This Flight.’

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swFrom time to time, women give birth in uncomfortable places: on the side of the road on the way to the hospital, for example. And sometimes, women give birth in places where none of the surrounding surfaces should come into contact with bare skin, such as the woman who delivered a baby this morning on a Southwest Airlines flight shortly after take-off. Wait…shortly after take-off?

I know that some women can have very short labors, and I know that there are women who give birth who didn’t even know that they were pregnant, thanks to that magnificent program on the Discovery Health channel. But I just want to say, as a general life tip, that if you think you might be in labor, it is not the time to board an airplane, even if it is just a two-hour flight: “If I have to cross my legs, Bob, we are going to Phoenix goddamnit!” Actually, that is something I could very well imagine saying to my husband during my last trimester.

Not a whole lot is known about this delivery so far. We don’t even know how far along she was, so this was either a case of taking a chance and failing horribly, or it was the world’s worst surprise birthday party. I can’t imagine many places I would be less interested in giving birth than on on a Southwest airlines flight. In this case, the woman was incredibly lucky because there was both a doctor and a nurse on the flight to help her deliver her baby safely. I am not particularly lucky, so I can guarantee you that if I went into labor during a flight, I would have a chiropractor and one of the extras from the show “Sex Sent Me To The ER” telling me to breathe and shoving wadded up airline napkins between my legs. Because if I am two things, they are unlucky and super classy.

The flight was diverted to Los Angeles, where mom and baby were taken to the hospital and are said to be doing fine.

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