Jon Bon Jovi’s Drug-Overdosing Daughter Won’t Be Dragged Before Court After All

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Much to the disappointment of People, Us Weekly, and all the like, 19-year-old Stephanie Rose Bongiovi will not be made to answer in a court of law for her drug possession. Looks like the eldest of the four Jon Bon Jovi children will just have her mom and dad to deal with on this one.

Gossip Cop reports that after being arrested at Hamilton College yesterday, the teenager has run into a bit of luck when it comes to her record. Despite initial charges that included misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, as well as possession of marijuana and criminal use of drug paraphernalia, the outlet reports:

…[she] will not be prosecuted due to the New York state “Good Samaritan” law, which prohibits prosecution against the victim of a drug overdose and the witness who helped the individual.

That means that Stephanie’s 21-year-old male friend, who was also on the scene, will not be prosecuted as well. Considering that the kid nearly lost her life, I’d say Stephanie must be carrying around bunches of four-leaf clovers in her pockets. Not only is she a lucky duck for surviving, obviously, but no criminal charges means that she’ll hopefully be answering to just her parents — not a judge — for a while. The definition of luck will now carry Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s name.

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