Hot New Trend For Fall You Saw Here First: The Lapâ„¢ 

lapHave you guys heard about this hot new trend for fall called “The Lapâ„¢?” No, you have not, because I am making it a trend right now and when you start to see people humble-bragging about how cozy their laps are on Twitter or posting photographs of their laps on Facebook or talking about the best way to achieve the perfect lap or all the things their laps can do , you have to remember where this hot new craze originated from. It was me, I started The Lapâ„¢ craze back in September of 2013 and I taught you all about the glories of The Lapâ„¢ and if Miley Cyrus can take all this credit for twerking than I can certainly do it for Lapping. See! It’s all ready a verb!

The Lapâ„¢ Is The Area Between Your Mid-Thighs And Your Stomach. 


(Image: Wikipaintings)

Laps Have Been Made Popular Due To Something Called A Lap-Dance 

Which, yeah, you can totally straddle your partner’s lap and gyrate all over them but an even better use for The Lap â„¢ and another way you can do a Lap Dance is this:

Image: Whatmydadsaw.blogspot)

A Great Way To Achieve The Perfect Lap Is With:

Robert Donovan(Image: Robert Donovan)


vialbost flickr

(Image: Vialbost)



(Image: Saahela)

The Lap Can Be Used For All Sorts Of Amazing Things Like:

Lap flickr

(Image: ClintJ)

This is a double-lap move which is becoming more popular recently.

Another Double Move

mark evans flickr

(Image: Mark Evans)

 The Double Executed With Pets


(Image: Jeffreyw)

The Lapâ„¢ Is Also Handy When Feeding A Baby 

mothering touch(Image: Mothering Touch)

don o=brien

(Photo: Don O’Brien)

And For Story-Time 

jenny cu

(Image: Jenny Cu)


(Image: Christin Gasner/shutterstock)

And For Sleepy-Time 

shutterstock_146195045(Image: Rita Art/

mary tsao

(Photo: Mary Tsao)

whatcott(Image: Whatcott)

For Holiday-Time

pewter dutton

(Image: Peter Dutton)

easter bunny

(Image: Blogspot)

Famous Celebrities Have Laps 

Gwen Stefani carrying a friend's baby, Kingston(Image: WENN)


(Image: Tumblr)


(Image: tumblr)

So the next time someone starts talking about how cleavage or legs are big for fall, just tell them you are working on your lap. Those of us in the know are all about The Lapâ„¢ this season.

(Image: Wikicommons)

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