‘Deadly Force’ Laws Scare Me, Except In Cases Like These Because I Would Have Acted Exactly Like This Dad

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shutterstock_127542200__1378218921_74.134.205.46A dad in Texas caught a rapist attacking his 5-year-old daughter and beat the man to death, and he will not be charged with homicide under state law. I’m not a fan of murder, it’s not like I am all “yay a guy is dead” but I so cannot blame the dad for reacting how he did. The father even called an ambulance for the rapist after he beat him. According to the NY Times: 

Mr. Flores was killed on June 9 on a family ranch so remote that the father is heard profanely screaming at a dispatcher who could not locate the property.

“Come on! This guy is going to die on me!” the father yells. “I don’t know what to do!”

The Associated Press is not identifying the father, to protect the daughter’s identity. The A.P. does not identify victims of sexual assault.

The nearly five-minute 911 call begins with the father saying that he “beat up” a man he found raping his daughter. The father grows increasingly frazzled, cursing and crying into the phone so loudly at times that the call often becomes inaudible.

At one point before sheriff’s deputies finally arrive, he tells the dispatcher that he is going to put the man in his truck and drive him to a hospital.

“He’s going to die!” the father screams.

And according to the Daily Mail:

Residents of the small Lavaca County town were largely in support of the father, saying the victim deserved it.

Sonny Jaehne, a Shiner native, told the Victoria Advocate: ‘He got what he deserved, big time.

Friend Mark Harabis reiterated this: ‘I agree with him totally. I would probably do worse.

‘The family will have to deal with that the rest of their lives, no matter what happens to the father. Even if they let him go, he and his child will have to deal with that the rest of their lives.’

Cases like these are every parent’s worst nightmare and if you are brave enough to consider how you would react I think most parents can understand how this father did. It’s all horrible! It’s amazingly disgustingly awful that this poor little girl had this happen to her and it’s awful the poor father went through this and yeah, it’s sad a guy is dead but I just can’t have too much sadness for him. This probably makes me a bad person but good riddance.

I don’t agree with using deadly force in protecting property or something or a case where someone’s life isn’t in danger, but in these circumstances? I can understand it. I hope the little girl and her family heal and are able to get over this awful ordeal.

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