Mother Sues Standard Hotel After They Allegedly Fired Her For Daring To Give Birth In Hotel Room

birthTara Tan is a mother of two kids — one of which is a newborn. She reportedly logged in 100 hours a week as manager at the Standard Hotel until she was allegedly fired for going into labor while at work. Clearly, this is a woman who could also stand to “train” her uterus along with her boobs.

New York Post reports that Tan was fired from her job after a superior told her that she didn’t quite jive with the “culture of the hotel.” However, she suspects her employers took a jerky turn after she gave birth on the 15th floor. Tan was going against doctor’s orders and working well into her pregnancy. While at work, she apparently went into “excruciating pain.” When her husband finally arrived at the hotel from their home in New Jersey, Tan said that a hospital wasn’t going to happen:

“I said, ‘Lay me down. She’s coming,'” Tan recalled. Hubby Sean Kehoe was on the phone with her doctor, and delivered the baby himself. They called an ambulance – and the hotel had them taken out a side door so they wouldn’t disturb the Friday night party crowd, the suit says.

Three days later, Tan was back on the job (remotely) to discover that she was being docked for the days she was, in fact, working. Various tasks and duties were also being taken away from her (affectionately known as the Mommy Track). According to Tan, her employees then blamed her for stealing some boxes and she was fired. But she’s not buying it.

Since her seemingly unlawful termination, Tan has slapped the hotel with a $10 million discrimination suit that alleges whole lot more than sullying a hotel room. According to her suit, she was told:

 “… that she did not possess the physical attributes to work at the hotel because at over 40 years of age and having recently given birth to two children she was, so far as defendants were concerned, not young, thin of model-like proportions, or one of ‘the beautiful people’ desired at the hotel.”

The Standard Hotel has yet to comment on the allegations. But from the looks of those damning accusations they’d do well to start talking.

(photo: vvoe/ Shutterstock)

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