Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids ‘What’s The Worst Thing Your Mom Has Ever Said?’ And I Still Got These Moms Beat

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids Whats The Worst Thing Your Mom Has Ever SaidHey guys, other moms are JUST like us because they drop F-bombs like they are profanity piñatas all over their kids, yay! I recently wrote about how I don’t think I swear any less than any childfree people I know, and a lot of you parents said they same thing. We all seem to agree we have bigger issues with kids saying unkind things out of anger more than slipping and saying the occasional curse word, and according to these kids, a lot of moms don’t really watch their language in front of their kids either.

I love the kids who basically offers to recite the entire list of banned words for the interviewer.And I do believe the premise of the interview, which is that moms are more likely to get road rage and swear when someone else is driving like an idiot, even with kids in the car. Because nothing is more stressful and never-wracking than buckling little humans we love into their car seats and having some fucking asshole cut us off in traffic or speed by us or fail to stop at a red light. Yeah, driving is definitely where I tend to let my swear words loose.

(Image: HULU)

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