NBC Correspondent’s Pregnancy Is Making Her A Miserable Failure In Spin Class

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a240b4b434ff3cfce13a613e50952517I may be the annoying pregnant lady that keeps talking about her pregnancy (can you blame me – I’m two weeks late!) but at least I’m not the annoying pregnant lady who is making fake complaints about how much she is failing her exercise regime, thus making every other sloth-like pregnant woman in the world feel like a fat failure. Okay, maybe NBC Correspondent Jenna Wolfe is not making every other pregnant lady in the world feel like a fat failure. I guess I can only speak for myself. You’re making me feel like a fat failure, Jenna. Just stop.

Jenna is blogging about her “adventures through pregnancy” in a blog for Today Mom’s ever-so-sweetly-titled, Jenna’s (Baby) Food For Thought. Her post this week is titled, Pregnancy Slowed Me Down In Spin Class – And That’s OK. It runs next to a picture of her playing football on the beach, looking tan and toned at 27 weeks. It makes me a little sick:

Four of us went to a spin class, all of us pretty avid spinners. I’ve been spinning for more than 10 years, teaching for at least three, so I knew that despite being pregnant, this was going to be an easy, fun little workout.

I was sadly mistaken… I’m not in the shape I was in before getting pregnant. And so for the first time in a long while, I was humbled by the athleticism around me. Where I used to be able to finish a 60-minute spin class in 48 minutes (one of my Lucille Ball comments), now here I was praying for mercy at minute 48.

Really? You were only able to physically exert yourself in ways that I don’t even do when I’m not pregnant for 48 minutes? 48 minutes? At 27 weeks pregnant? Failure. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror?

Seriously. Now you’re just making me feel like a lazy jerk. The post made me think of a few installments I would like to insert into her personal blog. Pretend that our lives were switched in some Freaky-Friday kind of episode, and my personality took over her pert, pregnant body. Her personality would enter my body and come and clean my house and try to whip my fat, pregnant ass into shape – and I would write some installments to her blog that women like me could relate to:

Pregnancy Made Me Flip Off A Senior Citizen – And That’s OK 

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket, patiently waiting for a woman to get herself together and back out of her parking spot. It was pouring rain. I was waiting for about a minute and a half, because I’m huge, it was pouring and I wanted to be as close to the store as possible. Woman pulls out, speed-demon grandma in a VW bug swoops right in – ninja style. I am equal parts pissed and impressed. The pissed part of me wins. I flip her off.

Pregnancy Made Me Eat Half A Box Of Neopolitan Ice Cream – And That’s OK

It was frost-bitten. Not a proud moment.

Pregnancy Made Me Lie To A Doctor About My Weight – And That’s OK

I weigh myself right next to where my midwife sits at her desk every week, and every week I shave a few pounds off of my reporting. She’s sitting right next to the scale, and probably knows that I do it. I have no shame. I feel it’s justified since I am not butt-naked or holding onto the towel rack like I normally do when I weigh myself at home.

This is all in good fun, Jenna. Kudos to you for being this active and amazing throughout your pregnancy.

(photo: Twitter)