It’s Totally Normal To Have No Interest In Sex For A While After You Give Birth

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sex-after-pregnancyThere are several aspects of post pregnancy that can be huge myths for a lot of women: the whole breastfeeding weight loss strategy, the instant life-changing bond with your new baby, and the sex thing. The idea that women are counting down the days to that six-week mark when they can have sex again is very foreign to a lot of us. And that’s okay.

It’s sad, but I think a lot of our womanhood gets rolled up in some insane stereotypes about what it is to be female. One of those stupid stereotypes is that we don’t enjoy sex as much as men. Bullshit. But I think in order to combat the stereotype, sometimes we go way off the other end and try to be as sexual as society deems is necessary. If you can happily go six weeks without having sex after baby – you must be frigid, right? Wrong. There are so many obvious reasons why a woman wouldn’t be into sex in the postpartum period. Acting as if we should all just be able to bounce back like we didn’t just gestate and expel an actual human from our bodies is just dumb.

If you are ready, that’s fantastic. Awesome. Good for you. If you’re not – there’s nothing wrong with you. Recovering from labor isn’t easy for some of us. Some of us have had tearing, some are still suffering with hemorrhoids. Add breastfeeding to the mix, and it may double-down on the discomfort. Some women have sore boobs for months after they start breastfeeding. Some women have a hard time figuring our where their maternal body ends and their sexual one begins. I know I never wanted my man going anywhere near my boobs while I was still breastfeeding.

Six weeks is a physical assessment point. It has nothing to do with what may be going on for you emotionally. Do you know when the right time to return to sex is? When you want to.