Mom Denies She Botoxed Her Babe, Says She Lied For Money

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OK, this story of the Botox mom keeps getting weirder and weirder, right? Remember Kerry Campbell, the part-time esthetician who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox? And then she lost said child to San Francisco protective services?

Well, she says she made the story up. For money. Her real name, apparently, is Sheena Upton. She says British tabloid The Sun asked her to play the role and was paid $200 and given a script to follow. She claims that ABC’s Good Morning America paid her a “large fee” for an exclusive interview with Lara Spencer. ABC is denying the claim, although they do concede they shell out for photo licensing (This is a common way to circumvent ethical problems with paying sources, for what it’s worth. It can be abused, obviously.). All this according to TMZ, for what it’s worth.

So this sounds like it’s about the best outcome imaginable, if true. I mean sure, the mom is still crazy and probably damaging her daughter. But more in a “con woman” way than an “injecting my daughter with poison” kind of way.

But I’m still confused — what do these pictures show, if not injection of Botox?

(Screen shot from TMZ.)