Ikea Registries Have Finally Happened, So New Parents Can Get the Baby Stuff They Really Want

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Finally! Ikea, the great purveyor of meatballs and destroyer of relationships, has deigned to bestow upon us mere mortals the gift of a registry, so engaged couples and future parents can register for the most useful of supplies.

Ikea makes fabulous baby stuff. I am ride-or-die for my Gulliver crib, which I got almost three years ago and am still using. It was under 100 euros (I was living in Germany at the time), solid wood, attractively modern, and convertible from newborn to regular baby to toddler sizes. I paired mine with an organic mattress instead of an Ikea-brand one, because I’m deeply paranoid, but it’s been great. I also have the matching changing table, and my high chair is also Ikea.

And by the way, the Antilop high chair is the greatest of high chairs. It’s $15, and it’s so easy to clean you will be able to still use it when your kid is in college. I don’t know what for–maybe the dog–but you’ll be able to, because that thing is nigh indestructible.

Ikea’s baby stuff is fantastic, especially the toys. Last year Ikea had children submit their own designs for toys, and then they put the winners into production, resulting in a line of the weirdest, most charming baby toys I’ve ever seen. (Sophie the Giraffe is great, but she can’t hold a candle to this eyeball on a stick.)

On top of all that, Ikea registries are a great idea for weddings, too. This might be a unique quirk of my peer group, but most of the people I know could use more bookshelves a lot more than they could use a set of china. (Ikea dishes are great, too.) And Ikea’s registries let givers chip in on larger items, so all your friends could get together and, say, buy you a new sofa.

Between the Ikea registry and the Domino’s Pizza registry, we might actually get the stuff we want from now on.