Hilarious Dad Teaches Twin Daughters to Scare People in Hotel Hallways

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Having twins is harder than having singleton babies, but there are some benefits. The biggest benefit, of course, is being able to use one’s children to scare the crap out of people in hotels, and that’s just what one U.K. dad has been doing.

According to the Huffington Post, Martin Hughes–a Manchester father of four-year-old twin girls–was staying at a slightly creepy hotel in London over the Christmas holidays when he realized the hotel’s long, dark hallways gave him the opportunity to make all his The Shining dreams come true. So he dressed his girls in matching outfits and told them to stand at the end of the hallway so he could take a picture.

Hughes told The Huffington Post that The Shining moment where the twin girls stand creepily at the end of the hall is the first thing that came into his mind when he found out his wife was pregnant with identical twin girls. Now that they’re big enough to hold hands and stand still at the end of hotel hallways, their power to freak out strange adults is nigh without limit.

“I’ve told them they have great power to make grown people cry if they pull this pose in a hotel hallway,” said Hughes. “But they don’t get it yet.”

Actually getting the shot was a little more difficult than it would seem, though. Hughes told the Huffington Post that when he told the girls to look sad, they immediately started giggling. It’s pretty adorable. But Hughes says that when strangers turn a corner and come across a pair of identical twin girls standing at the end of the hallway, they tend to stop right in their tracks for a moment.

The girls don’t know what The Shining is yet, but they seem to be having a fun time playing with their dad. And Hughes says they’re pretty mischievous  little girls in their own rights. They’ve already taken to switching clothes and going by each other’s names to mess with their parents. It sounds like it won’t be long before the twins start using their new skills at home, too. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find the at the foot of your bed whispering, “Come play with us” in unison? Brrr!

Being twins sure sounds like fun, though.