Domino’s Wacky Pizza Registry Is Actually Super Useful for Baby Showers

When Domino’s made their new wedding registry service, it seemed like a tongue-in-cheek joke and marketing gimmick. The idea of registering for pizza instead of china is funny enough that it was virtually guaranteed to pick up a ton of funny blog posts, and maybe even make a few sales for Valentine’s Day. But weddings are not the only big life events for which people build registries, and a pizza registry is actually an extremely useful thing for people with new babies.

We love Sophie the Giraffe, but nobody needs 20 of them. And as useful as onesies are, if you ask the parent of a newborn what they really want, they probably just want sleep and some food they don’t have to prepare or clean up after. When my baby was born, there were a few days I would have traded anything on my registry for one damn pizza.

The Domino’s registry has offerings like “cater the bachelorette party” for $60 or “an excuse not to cook” for $20 or “low-key date night” for $30, but what the recipients actually get is just an electronic gift card to Domino’s, which they can then spend on whatever they want. Couples can make registries, but also people can just use the “registry” landing page to send a pizza gift certificate to anybody with an email address.

Because it’s a gift card, a recipient could use it for salad, pasta, sandwiches, chicken, pizza, drinks, brownies, and anything else on the menu. I think I would have killed for someone to just bring me salads for a week after I had a baby, but I lived in a place with no good delivery options. If I’m ever invited to a baby shower again, I’m going to give people gift certificates for food delivery places. (Or maybe just cash. Everyone likes cash, right?)

Domino’s pizza registry is a funny marketing campaign, but I’m definitely going to be taking it to heart. It really is just sending electronic gift certificates for food delivery, and plenty of delivery restaurants sell those. A $30 gift certificate for salad and brownies might not be what a couple of newlyweds wants, but the couple with the new baby probably does.

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