Idiot Father Lets Poisonous Snake Bite His Daughter – On Purpose

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You know when someone idiotically says, “I swear on my child’s life” to prove they’re telling the truth? I hate people like that. Well, one Australian father – a snake handler – took that statement literally when trying to prove that a bunch of normally deadly snakes were de-venomized and safe. That’s right, Raymond Hoser allowed a taipan and a death adder to bite his 10-year-old daughter while a shopping center audience watched on.

Worst. Dad. Ever.

Back in 2008, Hoser was convicted of breaching his Commercial Wildlife Demonstrator License. He was fined $12,000 for demonstrating with venomous snakes less than three meters from the public, working in accessible pits and demonstrating in a way that put the animals at risk of theft, reports The Manningham Leader. But Hoser claims there was never any risk to the public because the snakes had been de-venomized.

To prove his point, he created a video demonstration and used his young daughter as a test subject. He had the snakes bite his 10-year-old girl, leaving her with bleeding puncture wounds in her forearm. “She was only bleeding and if they’d been venomous she’d have been dead in two minutes,” Hoser told the paper. “If I’m confident to do that to her, it shows you I have never used a snake with venom.”

Really?! Okay, obviously this guy was über-confident about his snake being de-venomized. We get it, we get it. But to use your daughter like that? Not cool, buddy. So not cool.
(Photo: iStockphoto)