Busy Philipps Is A Totally Normal Mom In A Totally Celeb Filled Beverly Hills Birthday Party

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Busy Philipps Is A Totally Normal Mom In A Totally Celeb Filled PartyI know celebrities want us to think they are just like us, but even when you have to carry your four-year-old around – like I do – and prepare her for a new baby – like I did – your relatability loses something in the presence of movie stars and fashion moguls. But I might have it wrong in the case of Busy Philipps.

Busy (whose real name is Elizabeth Jean, who knew?) clearly does momming like the rest of us. She picks up her 4-year-old daughter, Birdie, from an afternoon birthday party. Despite being seven-ish months pregnant, she indulges Birdie’s calls for “uppy” and carries her around while listening to her recount the party in all it’s sugar-filled glory. I’ve been there, Busy!

Except at my birthday parties, I’m never running into Rachel Zoe and the most fashionable Skyler. Or Jessica Alba with her adorable girls Honor Marie (who looks and dresses like a mini-version of dad for this party) and Haven Garner (is that red-hair coming in on the almost two-year-old?). And my parties aren’t held in the most expensive zip code in the country – Beverly Hills. Nor do they give ponies as party favors — ok, I can’t actually confirm that one, but that’s what I imagine the kids asked for.

By the way, why is it that four-year-olds still want to be carried around as much as they do? My four-year-old son refuses to put his legs around me, so I have to carry him like he’s riding side-saddle. It’s not easy or comfortable for anyone. I feel like a ventriloquist except I can’t get the kid to ever stop talking. How long does this go on? Tabloid shots of Suri Cruise tell me it goes well past four-years-old, but how far? Does it stop in first grade? Someone please tell me it’s sooner rather than later.

For all her outward celebrity status, Busy Philipps has a great down-to-earth head about parenting – especially when it comes to preparing Birdie to be a big sister. Right now the four-year-old is over the moon, but she’s letting Birdie know it’s normal to have mixed feelings about the new baby’s arrival.

“She’s been asking for at least a year: When’s her baby going to come?” the “Cougar Town” actress told Us. “She talks to the baby and she’s just really thrilled. I told her though that it’s okay to feel two ways about it. It’s okay to feel really excited and also nervous or mad or scared.”

“I don’t want her to think she has to be super happy about it all the time because I know it’s going to be … a big adjustment for her,” she added.

We had a smooth transition from one child to a four-person family, but I don’t pretend that was much of my doing. My son was not quite two-years-old when his little sister arrived, and my second was such a low-maintenance baby, it turned out to be easier than when I had just one infant. So I might not be an expert, but I have been there, and this sounds like a great approach. Change isn’t easy for most young children – who thrive with structure and revel in routine (we’ve all watched the same episode of a favorite show or listened to a beloved song until we were sure our ears would bleed) – and letting them know their contradictory emotions are normal and expected before the baby is born is one of the most realistic things I have heard in a celebrity interview in a long time. Maybe Busy Philipps really is a totally normal mom in a totally wacky world.

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