Girl, Let Me Embrace Your Pregnant Belly

shutterstock_92710936__1368797193_74.134.202.37You are with child. Your are growing the seed of love deep inside your womb. New life has sprouted in the depths of your uterus, and this new life has bloomed from the love we have made, our bodies and our hearts intertwining in the delicate love-drenched love of our love-making. Or perhaps this new life has sprouted from the love that was made during an IVF treatment at your OBGYN office, but this was still made with love. Your hair has grown thick and glossy from the prenatal vitamins that you take every morning, and even when they have made you vomit violently in the kitchen sink you have done so with love. Your feet have grown swollen, much like your belly has, but they swell with love due to our love-making and I know you hate the word “cankles” so I have invented a new word just for you – “lankles” which is a combination of love and ankles which I will whisper to you when I rub your tired feet with some special made foot lotion I procured at the local Bath and Body Works with a 25 percent off coupon. This lotion smells like peppermint and apricots, but it also smells like love. The next time I go there I will also buy you tacos from Quodoba and I will do so with love. But for now girl, let me embrace your pregnant belly.

(Photo:  Piotr Marcinski/shutterstock)


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