‘Ice Moms’: A New Way For Mothers To Exploit Their Children

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ice moms dance momsThe producers behind Dance Moms have a spin-off show in the works: Ice Moms. As the title suggests, the Lifetime series will showcase the competitive world of figure skating. Because, you know, we really need yet another way for fame-whore parents to exploit their children and get their 15 minutes. Urgh.

“We’ve conquered the world of competitive dance with our hit Dance Moms and have great plans to expand the franchise to Miami, said Lifetime’s Rob Sharenow. “Now, we’re bringing the format to the intensely competitive world of figure skating and revealing the explosive dynamic between the kids, parents and coaches who all want to be the best. We’ll show all the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be a champion on ice.”

This is bad news for regular citizens of humanity who can’t stand to watch mothers pile pounds of makeup onto their babies and then force them to perform. It’s especially sickening when the kids say things like, “I love dancing, but… I just wanna stay at home and eat chips” and “My mom wants me to dance even more than I want to.”

Some of you may be wondering how I can be so critical of a show that has yet to air. But, let’s get real: Ice Moms will be no different from Dance Moms, which is painful to watch in every sense of the word. And Dance Moms is no different from Toddlers & Tiaras, which was the first of its kind to exploit children in such a despicable manner. (Two different producers, though: Dance Moms is brought to us by Collins Avenue, while Authentic Entertainment is behind Tiaras.)

Ice Moms will follow figure skating coaches Laurie Vigilante and Adam Schmidt, whom Lifetime describes as “determined” coaches who often clash with their students’ parents. The thought alone makes me shudder. How about you? Will you be tuning in?

(Photo: Ryan McVay)