Erin Brockovich Stepping In To Determine ‘Mystery Illness’ In NY Teens

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Erin BrokovichThe “mystery illness” as it’s being called in in Le Roy, New York is causing questionable symptoms in local teenagers. Along with facial tics and verbal outbursts, otherwise healthy kids are exhibiting some odd behaviors that still have doctors guessing. But a toxic chemical spill that happened nearly 40 years ago may have some answers and now the environmental activist and mother of three forever immortalized by Julia Roberts is taking a peek into the matter: Erin Brockovich.

Brockovich tells USA Today that she was sought out by parents and families of the affected kids. She has been taking a look at federal and state reports that document a train derailing in 1970 that spilled cyanide and an industrial solvent called trichloroethene only a mere three miles away from the local high school.

The 12 girls who started being diagnosed with neurological symptoms last fall are students at this same high school as are three other teens. Although reports detail the removal of cyanide crystals, 35,000 gallons of trichloroethene were absorbed into the earth.  Brockovich told the publication that although the New York Department of Health and other agencies were aware of the spill, no water testing or vapor extraction tests were performed.

She is reported as saying:

“We don’t have all the answers, but we are suspicious,” Brockovich says. “They have not ruled everything out yet. The community asked us to help and this is what we do.”

Erin Brockovich may have been released over 10 years ago, but this mother and environmental advocate is still visibly dedicated to helping families and children win out over improper health practices.

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