Disney Princesses Get A Fashionable Makeover

For better or for worse, many little girls grow up with dreams of becoming a real-life princess. But once they reach puberty, most would agree that “hipster” trumps “princess” any day of the week (at least according to my unofficial survey of urban teens). That explains why we’re loving these “Fashion Princesses” by viria13 over at Deviant Art (thanks to Buzzfeed for tipping us off).

Granted, some of them have questionable tastes I mean, what’s with Ariel? but most of them look like ordinary teenagers, which I think is pretty cool. Check out Mulan, for example she is spot on! Ditto Belle. And Anastasia is simply adorable (I know, she’s a not Disney princess but who cares?).

Here at Mommyish, we’re all about reinterpreting princesses and role models in general which is what what makes this latest posse so alluring.

hipster disney princesses


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